5 Reasons Why the Best Job Candidates ARE Cream of Wheat

If you think the best job candidates aren’t Cream of Wheat then you don't know Cream of Wheat! We’re talking to you Dana Manciagli and to everyone who read your Business Journal article. While the job interview tips were helpful, your comparison to Cream of Wheat cereal was way off.

Cream of Wheat candidates, like the hot breakfast cereal, do much more than just “fill the empty spaces.” They do these five things and more:

1. Cream of Wheat candidates do not waste your time. At Cream of Wheat, we know that time is a scarce commodity, especially when trying to leave the house in the morning. That’s why we offer hot cereal that prepares quickly and Instant Cream of Wheat that can be eaten at the office. Ms. Manciagli took our quick preparation time as a negative, but the truth is that Cream of Wheat candidates understand that their colleagues’ and their customers’ time is valuable. They will not waste your time at an interview and they come fully prepared. Whatever you ask them to do, they can do—in an instant or in an emergency, they are the ones to trust to get the job done well and done quickly.

2. Cream of Wheat candidates are versatile. Cream of Wheat hot cereal gets along with pretty much any fruit, nut, spice or syrup you mix in. And you can prepare it as a meal for any time of day or use it in recipes to bake with. Does that sound “blah and bland”? Hardly! Cream of Wheat candidates are just as versatile. They can work with anyone, communicate well with people at all levels and of all cultures, and are open-minded to different people and different perspectives. There’s much more to them than what you see on the surface and good job candidates like these make sure their interviewers understand what’s inside their whole package. 

3. Cream of Wheat candidates are trustworthy. In business for 120 years, Cream of Wheat has proven to be a trustworthy, experienced brand that has stayed true to its loyal customers and evolved with people’s changing desires. With trust comes comfort. The cereal is a comfort food, yes—is that a bad thing to feel comfortable with who you hire? We don’t think so. Cream of Wheat job candidates present themselves well and do everything they can to build relationships online and in person. When they leave the interview, the interviewer feels satisfied and can’t wait to talk to them again.

4. Cream of Wheat candidates adapt easily to change. Today’s workforce requires adaptability and more than just a tolerance for change. You have to be able to thrive with change. Cream of Wheat hot breakfast cereal has evolved over the years to please changing tastes. Our newest Bananas & Cream flavor is a testament to that. Cream of Wheat candidates not only understand history and industry news that came before them, they also stay aware of trends and adapt easily to change. They stay in touch with their customers’ desires and recommend innovations before other employees do. And in the interview, they easily provide examples of how their adaptability has served them well.

5. Cream of Wheat candidates are the building blocks of a strong foundation. Cream of Wheat hot cereal is an excellent source of calcium and iron—essential building blocks that make you strong. Cream of Wheat candidates are built to last—through good times and bad. These candidates project confidence and instill confidence in those around them. Always offering sage advice or a helping hand, Cream of Wheat candidates are people you can build your company’s foundation on and continue to grow with through the future.

Hiring managers today do want to be comfortable with and confident about the people they hire. The best-qualified candidates show they can make an immediate and long-term impact, just like Cream of Wheat. Be a WOW candidate—be a Cream of Wheat candidate!